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Friday, November 30, 2012

Sweet words and the beginning of our girl processing her story

I just have to write this stuff down!

The past few days Ella has been telling me the sweetest things. They are almost too sweet to be true and I find myself wondering if she is just joking.  It goes something like this...

She gets her face right up close to mine, holds my head in her hands, looks me in the eyes and says, "Mommy, God made you so special to me," and then gives me a big hug.

Today she went a bit further and said, "God made you sooo special to me Mommy, and God made you so beautiful to me."

Are you kidding me? Does it get any sweeter than this?

Lately we've been talking more about her past, the history I know of hers. I've talked about it regularly over the past year or so but she is asking questions and interacting with me more about it so we end up talking about it more these days. I like to share what I know with her because it is her story and I want her to know it from the beginning so she can ask questions as they come up and feel comfortable discussing them with me anytime. Usually she just repeats what she hears from me and says things like, "When I was a baby I was chubby and had chubby lips. Remember that mommy?" This comes from me showing her the few newborn pictures I have of her. I do know she weighed 8 1/2 pounds at birth (chubby for here) and in her baby photos her beautiful, plump lips are so obvious, just like they are now. Love those beautiful full lips. So I say something like, "Yeah honey I remember that about you from the photos I have but we didn't know each other yet then." I go on to talk about who cared for her when she was a baby and who else was involved in taking care of her until we met her when she was two years old. I tell her about the first time we saw her and what that was like. I tell her about saying goodbye to some of the house mommas from the children's home at the airport that day we took her with us to Cebu, and how they cried.

Well last night as she was reiterating this story back to me, she asked me why those ladies were crying. I told her how they were sad because they really loved her and were gonna miss her. And she said, "I was sad too." I asked her why and she told me that she wanted to stay in that place. This was the first time she has shared anything about her experience of the transition to our family. I told her how sorry I was that we took her away when she didn't want to leave and acknowledge that that must have been very difficult for her since she didn't really know us. Then I asked her, "How do you feel now that you're here with us?" She replied, "I'm happy here."


Jennell said...

Oh FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Yep... crying out loud. So very beautiful. Thanks for making my day. And thank you for being such wonderful parents to Ella.

Aaron Choate said...

We have lost your address